The poster in and the cover for the catalogue promotes the group exhibition by artists from a variety of countries who use art to improve their mental health. The exhibition took place in the Oranjekerk, a church in Amsterdam. The birds are common swifts and nest regularly in the Oranjekerk. These migratory birds depend on surroundings that meet their needs. Once that is ensured, they have amazing resources. Built for a life in the air, they need an infrastructure with accessible high landing spots that allow them to live according to their capacities. They cannot start flying from the ground, in order to fly, they need to let themselves fall first and only then turn the act of falling to flying. They also need high places for nesting, because the baby swifts will learn to fly on their way to the ground. Therefore, the tower of the Oranjekerk was a very good location for them to nest.



A5 CATALOGUE cover - back